Primate tourism


Primate tourism, where people travel and see non-human primates, is a rapidly growing activity. This chapter introduces the history and the multidimensions of primate tourism across the world. We then focus on tourism associated with wild primate viewing and assess the costs and benefits of primate tourism related to habitat protection, revenue generation, co-existence with local communities, knowledge sharing, provisioning, health and habituation. Following this assessment, we explore the different drivers for human-primate interactions associated with primate tourism. This chapter concludes by summarising responsible primate tourism guidelines.


Hansen, M. F., Kaburu, S. S. K., Morrow, K. S., Maréchal, L. 2023. Primate tourism. In: McKinney, T., Waters, S., Rodrigues, M. A. (Eds.) Primates in Anthropogenic Landscapes. Developments in Primatology: Progress and Prospects. Springer, Cham.


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